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Thursday, December 18, 2008

You know what... (warning, 14+ rated language)...

... Calgary has bad drivers on the nicest of days, but some of the things I have witnessed in the past few days makes me shake my head.It's not that i witnessed some people spinning donuts, or driving into the ditch (I have seen this though) however, it's the people who freely fly the f-u flag for no apparent reason... for example:I am driving up Deerfoot Southbound between Douglasdale and Barlow. Doing about 90k in the center lane with no traffic in front of me (relaxing and listening to Christmas carols on 95.9 if you must know). There are 2 cars in the right lane going slower than me, which is fine. As I am getting closer to them, the rear car, a guy in his 50's in a Silver Ford Freestyle pulls out in front of me as I am pretty near to his bumper. Ok nice.We are now doing 65k.I don't scream or yell, I don't honk. All I do is wait until a transport in the far left lane goes by us, I merge into line behind him and then follow him around the guy in the Freestyle. Ok, fine.As we pull up beside the guy in the Freestyle, he is vehemently flipping me the bird..... ..... .uh-huh...Now my friggin Christmas carols are tainted.WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING YOU DUMB JACKASS!!!! WHY DO YOU THINK THAT I HAVE COMMITTED SOME ACT HANUS ENOUGH TO WARRANT YOU FLIPPING ME OFF! Especially when you are the dumb sonofabitch that cut me off in the first place. If you think I am following you too close than don't pull out in front of me as i get close to you in the next lane.also, he is flipping me off as he merges off of deerfoot onto 130th. I hate that, if he was continuing on Deerfoot, I guarantee he doesn't flip me off. I want to follow him and have a conversation with him, just to find out his mindset, why he though I had actually done something to deserve his wrath. Really, when you think about it, when in your life is it ok, or warranted to flip some one off.- Your boss tells you you have to work an extra 1/2 hour to finish up a project today - FLIP THE BIRD- Your meal comes late at Boston Pizza - FLIP THE BIRD- You are watching the game and the phone rings - FLIP THE BIRD- You are outside and a cloud covers up the sun - FLIP THE BIRD- You have to wake up in the morning - FLIP THE BIRDanyway, you get my point.If you know this guy, in the Silver Ford Freestyle, who has severe self confidence issues with himself and can't control his urges to drive bad and blame others for it, please pass along this message.
I won't stop to kick your ass personally, but be warned, that in our travels wehave witnessed other people get beat up very badly by badpersons who don't have the same self restraint or moral ethics as myself.It's bad enough that people carry guns around in the their cars, you don't needto give them an excuse to use it. Enough said...

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