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Monday, August 16, 2010

Really behind…

…now …but it’s for a good cause. Me. I have been building a followership and trying to garner some sponsorships for my running hobby over at my running blog.

I’ll do another list and try to get through it in the next couple days.

  1. Andrews Birthday. He turned 3 on July 24th. It was a very good day.
  2. Camping. We went to Rosebud, Alberta for a rocket launch of all things! Shortest trip of the year, no less fun tho!
  3. I now run barefoot! I’ll link over to it at the other one.
  4. Traci has started a new business, selling gift baskets, and is taking a very cool government sponsored business start-up program for entrepreneurs. She is loving it!GettaGiftlogo
  5. Work is work.
  6. I shot 82 on my one and only round of golf so far this year!
  7. Had to take Rizzo in to emergency with a suspected hernia in her back (she is better now)


S’bout it! Seeya soon!

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