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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend in the Mountains

I had a race in Banff this weekend. You can read all about it here.

We decided to make a weekend of it and also make it a birthday weekend for my Dad. We stayed in my Sisters 2nd condo in Canmore, she is selling this one, and enjoyed a beautiful time with family!

This is at the race! A good shot of my Mom and I…DSCF2699

Andrew enjoying his ‘motorcycle’IMG_7854 There are a few days I really like having dogs. This picture was taken while walking them early on Saturday morning… Isn’t that something?IMG_7893 Heading down to the river on a short hike…IMG_7900 At the river… beautiful…IMG_7901 Throwing rocks, don’t get too close!!IMG_7908 Party Time! we have had the most incredible November weather. It was 70 degrees today. I mowed my lawn when we got home, it was getting too long. We have trees and shrubs budding out – man are they in for a shock.IMG_7921 Open this Poppop!IMG_7923 Holy cow, whatta party!IMG_7926 Time for a swim!IMG_7940 Too much fun!!!IMG_7946 The cake was an Angel Food and we had fruit and whipped topping, yum! Andrew blew out the scented candle…IMG_7963 BIL Dean, has his B-day coming up soon too!IMG_7970 Dear Sis, trying to cut the cake… Dammit, just rip it! … I’m hungry.IMG_7971 Canmore… looks pretty nice.IMG_8000 I think this is actually the first family photo with all of us together. Traci, Me, Nan, Andrew, Poppop, Nicki and Dean. Yep that’s the whole team. Oh, and Scooby. IMG_8032 Looking good! Will we be getting this photo back on a Christmas card?IMG_8049 Traci and Andrew get a good one too!IMG_8054That’s a happy boy when he is running! IMG_8050 One last shot of a nice looking mountain…IMG_8036



Sue and Doug said...

great tour of Canmore!!.looks like you all had a nice family weekend!..and yes, we love having a dog too..except when the rain is coming down in buckets and you still have to go outside!!..have a great week!!

Kate said...

That one of him running? Priceless.

Freely Living Life said...

Beautiful photos (as usual)! =0)

The rainbow shot is amazing!

Continue to have fun....thanks for sharing your journey with us!