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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Summer trip...

We have confirmed our summer camping holiday. We are starting on July 31 with a trip down the Crowsnest highway to Creston BC for the first 6 nights. We are staying at Scotty's RV Park right in Creston. We will explore Kootenay Lake, Nelson, Castlegar, the Kootenay Pass and the many markets and festivals that are inevitably going on during the long weekend and the week following.

We are scheduled to drive to Missoula on the 7th and stay there for the weekend at Jim and Mary's RV Park, This park is very highly rated on the web boards. We had a choice between This park and Jellystone RV Park which is just across the road, and is the home of Yogi Bear, however the site is wide open with no trees. This will be a re-stocking trip as we are going into a US National park after this stop and I anticipate there will be fairly High prices to content with there.

On the 9th we will head down Interstate 93 to Fishing Bridge RV Park inside Yellowstone National Park. This is one of the places on most peoples life lists. With 2 million visitors a year, Yellowstone will be a bit of a gong show i am sure, however, I understand there is an amazing amount of sights to see, so it should be nice. We are booked here mid week as well so that should help. Some of the stuff I am looking forward to seeing are, of course, Old Faithful Geyser and the other geysers in the park. The other neat fact about Yellowstone is the lake named for the park is the largest freshwater lake above 7,000 ft in America. As this is at the top of an active volcano, I hear that it stinks a little like (and in places, a lot like) sulfur in places, but it is part of the attraction of visiting here.

South of Yellowstone Park is Grand Teton National Park, which is very popular in its own right, being the home of the Grand Teton Mountains and Jackson Wy, which is famous for Jackson Hole Ski area and Jackson Lake.

To the East of the park is Cody Wy. This town is the home of Buffalo Bill and his Wild West Show. Who wouldn't want to see this. 'nuff said.

Also the park is very famous for it's wandering Buffalo and wolf packs. I guess it's not the best place for stargazing strolls in the woods. (not an issue for us early to bedders)

The departure date from Yellowstone is sort of flexible (we are booked through the 14th), I have booked us into the Timberwolf Resort in Hungry Horse Mt, near Kalispel starting on the 13th, but the trip from Yellowstone to this park is about 7 hours of driving, which is about 2 hours longer than I am comfortable driving with our crew. SO... maybe we will drive to Helena and spend a night in the Wallyworld RV Park, we stayed at the one in Cranbrook last Sept, to break the trip up into more manageable bits. The main reason for going all the way back to Kalispel is to the keep the final day of travel, on the 16th, down below 5 hours to get home.

All in all, we are looking forward to this new adventure, as it is a nice long trip, with some amazing destinations.

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