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Thursday, March 19, 2009

+13 degrees

So Andrew and I went for a walk. Anywhere we go he is typically strapped into some kind of seat but today he got to run FREE!

so.... I carry him to the pathway put him down, he took off running and *splat* fell face first into the first puddle he found. yeesh.

I taught him how to dust himself off, shake the water off his hands and away we went. It's pretty funny because when he is free, he (think Forrest Gump) 'just ruuuns'. It was a good thing I put his boots on because it is like a search and destroy mission looking for every splashable puddle down the path. The deeper the better.

As we 'ran' down the path we caught up to a dad and his 18mo old daughter, Andrew and this little girl had a moment where they just stood in front of each other and grinned for a few seconds. Super cute. Andrew turned right around and ran like goon back up the path and *sploosh* wiped out into another puddle. This other Dad was impressed with how fast Andrew was running, and when he wiped out his comment was "when he wipes out, he wipes out really spectacularly!" I guess so. It's pretty ordinary for us now though. hehe.

We finished our walk down to the playground, played for a while, then started his run back to the house. He made it about 1/2 way, running of course, turned around and subtly asked to be picked up. He was done.

It was a super fun run and splash!

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