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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Humpty Dumpty...

So, about 6 weeks ago Andrew had a big box he was swinging around, just casually around the house. He walked through the kitchen and 'smash' broke out a pane of glass on the pantry door. I fixed it with a nice smooth piece of wood, that did the trick nicely.

Well... today he decides to fall down and smash his head through the glass panel next to the one I fixed. This one scared me pretty good as I wasn't sure how far his head went into the glass. Turns out he's just fine with a few shards of glass in his hair and on his clothes. yikes. could have been much worse.

I know we, as kids, were much more free to run around and play and get into bigger trouble, but I don't care. we were probably pretty lucky. Our house has locks on all the cabinet doors, the living areas have been child proofed, the plugs have all been covered up, because Andrew is really smart, really inquisitive and really freaking quick.

He has an amazing amount of fun every day, even though his world has been somewhat 'rubberized'. I think he will grow up none the wiser that he was pretty protected. He gets to do some pretty cool things, mostly in a supervised environment of course.
We'll it's off to the Home Depot for a door with no glass. It's too bad, because I really liked the glass in this door.

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