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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Guest Bloggin'...

I don't get much involved with the blog except help provide the stories that go into it, but since I had a FABULOUS birthday I wanted to say a few words. I am SPOILED! Neil knows me quite well and he knows that as far as my birthday is concerned 'low key' suits me just fine. So, in keeping with my simple request from year to year, we spent a quiet relaxing day at home on Friday (my birthday).
The day started at 7 a.m., we all came downstairs and I was showered with birthday cards from my boys and presented with a great pair of running sunglasses from my sweet baby boy.
(Neil gave me his gift a couple weeks ago, a Garmin 405 Forerunner, AWWWESOME!). Neil had a few meetings/errands to run in the morning, so shortly after serving pancakes to me and Andrew he got ready and headed out. Since I had taken the day off from work (which included shutting the ringer off on my work phone) I enjoyed a day of playing/ reading/ napping with Andrew, it was glorious!. Andrew and I awoke from our nap (2 hours later) and Neil arrived home shortly thereafter with a gorgeous flower arrangement
(again, I am SPOILED) and yummy crablegs for dinner
....Oh and yes, I can't forget my Birthday Cake!
Let's just say YUM!
Chocolate cake with white icing! Dinner was amazing, cake was delicious, company was priceless! I LOVED MY BIRTHDAY!
I LOVE my boys and am the luckiest woman on the face of the earth!

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