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Saturday, April 11, 2009

oh no...

... it has recently come to my attention....



have the MONKEYBUTT!!!

ok ok ok ok... don't panic... let's slow down a bit... think this through... must be a solution.


What are the options...

- combover?

- bearded combover?

- Shaggy hippie baldy do?
- shaved?

- bic'd? heck then I could be a BLUE MAN! woowoo!

Oh but wait, thousands of men rely on late night television! Yeah, let's see... at 1am is hair club for men, at 2am is spray on hair, at 3am is wigs international... geez, they never give prices... uh I suppose it's because our hair is priceless! they got us those buggers.

AHA, solution!... remember David Achulettas Dad on American idol? the simplest solution of all. A HAT!

Damn you genetics.... DAMN YOU!!

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