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Sunday, April 12, 2009


Andrew still isn't feeling all that well, but he felt the need to make sure he got through his Easter Basket and the few new toys he received. It's his little way of making sure everyone enjoys the day.

Is this really for me??

Mommy, you get me the BEST singing cards... I LOVE YOU!

After all that Easter Basket excitement, it's time for some breakfast and a little bit of Toopy and Binoo on the tube.

After a light lunch and a nice 2 hour nap, Grampa and Gramma came over with 'Meals on Wheels' we were supposed to go over there, but with Andrew's temp going up and down, they offered to bring Easter dinner to us! So it was Ham, Cabbage rolls, Mashed Potatoes, Creamed Corn, Devilled Eggs, Hot Cross Buns and pineapple slice dessert. Yum, boy was it tasty.

Andrew, of course, was happy to see G and G had another basket of goodies! yay! He got a really cool Cat truck that sort of runs on it's own schedule, neat.

After dinner, Andrew gathered up his new travelling bucket, his trail bottle and was on his way. 'blowing kisses' and saying bye. What a nice day.

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Anonymous said...

Thank You for the lovely afternoon and the pictures...