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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Traci's rose...

...just a nice closeup picture of a rose in Traci's birthday bouquet.

Traci's Birthday month came to a close with another celebration at G&G's house. We had a (think fancy) *Sunday High Tea*. It was great. Gramma and Grampa did a great job duplicating some of the fanciest little sandwiches and we had 3 kinds of tea! Gramma also did a fantastic job of home made scones.

I just realized Andrew has now (in his first 21 months) has been to THREE high teas! One in Victoria, one in Okotoks and now one a Gramma's. I am 35 and have been to three as well. Ohh la la, fancy dancy eh!

We had Traci and Andrew blow out candles.

Gamma, Nicki, Greg and Dean were here.

As well as Grampa, Sophie (Andrews best friend - an older lady!) and Mary Jo!

We are still dealing with cold and snow, but that hasn't stopped the snow from having fun on Andrew's slide, even if Andrew can't be out there! We are hoping for spring any day now as we are only 17 days away from the first Camping weekend. Brrrrr...

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Anonymous said...

I had a wonderful Birthday Month! The High Tea was INCREDIBLE, HUGE thank you's to Dave & Colleen (Grampa & Gramma)! I LOVE that cake! And I ate all the leftover scones with Strawberry Jam! Yikes!

Thank you to everyone for giving me a wonderful Birthday Month! Lots of Love - Traci (Mommy)