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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It seemed like an ordinary day, then...

... I get duped by a friggin 8 year old girl.


She knocks on the door, this really cute little girl and says

" um, i'm, um, asking for, um, some food for, um, poor people"

ok, now my radar sort of goes up but not enough to doubt this little girl, because like really, shes a little girl. I ask her how old she is, she says 8, I ask her where she lives, she says just round over there. So Traci comes over to the door to see what is going on, I ask the little girl what kind of food and she sort of says..........


I think I just chalked it up that she is eight and she just doesn't know.

Traci goes to the pantry and gets a grocery bag full of 2 boxes of Kraft Dinner, 1 Can of Campbell's soup and a box of stove top stuffing. Nice. As I hand the little girl the bag of food, she sort of looks at it and turns and walks down the walk. Alright. done deal, good deed for the day.

In my head I am thinking it's weird that this little girl comes to the door by herself with no parents, but again I shake it off and think, it's a little girl.

Traci, Andrew and I decide, about half hour later, that we will go for a nice walk (+13 degrees). So we get ready and out we go. We walk down the steps, across the driveway and up the sidewalk to the access into the park behind our house. We turn the corner and...

...huh, there is our bag of food.

You little tiny evil fink, my radar was right! SHE REALLY WANTED CHIPS! Gawd... I feel like an idiot. What else was I supposed to do, ask for her credentials? I went for a little walk to see if I could spot the little wolf in sheep's clothing, but she was not out anymore. Talking to a few neighbors it seems it was a directed attack, no one else had the tiny little knock on the door.

anyway, that was yesterday and I was too mad to write about it until now, so...here.

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