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Friday, April 10, 2009

Knee deep geocaching...

Andrew isn't feeling that well, so we decided to keep our geocaching close to the road with no hiking required. We hopped in the car around noon, got some Mc'ds for lunch and off we went. We ended up on highway 1 east of town. The GPS coordinates had me on the opposite side of the freeway in a ditch next to an old log. Well, sure, there was the first find. I was a little worried that passersby that saw me all squatted down in the ditch next to a log thought I may be pooping or something... but whatever... I don't know them... hehe.

Andrew had fallen asleep by then, but woke up once we stopped and was awake enough for us to try one more before we hit the road for a nap trip of an hour or so. We ended up (again) finding the cache on the opposite side of the highway. We got close with the car and I got out to go locate the treasure. I took about 4 steps into what looked like a little bit of snow and *wooomp* sunk in the snow up to my knees.

I looked back and Traci was laughing like a goon at me. She said it looked so funny walking on top of the snow then straight down I went. She said she would have been up to her waist! We found the cache, and the cool part is we found it for the first time this year. There has been too much snow to find it until now, yay for us!

apparently the official sign of a found geocache is 'thumbs up'

We then got in the car, got gas and ended up driving out to Rockyford (just to see it, and I can cross that off my life list now) then back toward Calgary via Bieseker so Andrew could get a nice long nap.

Our next coordinates had us driving into Delacour. Our GPS got us to within 10 feet in the car and it was an easy find for Traci and Andrew! it was a micro cache as there aren't many places to hide anything around Delacour.

Unfortunately Andrew had quite a blowout in his diaper, so we had to change him on a handy picnic table, then we were content to let him run around for a half hour in the 16deg afternoon.

We got back in the car to head home and decided to try one more if we could get one in our general direction. We had one programmed that was right in line, so off we went. It's pretty funny when you are driving past on the highway and the compass arrow on the GPS all of a sudden swings right around backwards, we obviously passed it and figured that we were to get off the freeway and go into Chestermere.

A little sidenote. Geocachers are held to a code that says we are to *find* as steathily as possible so that 'muggles' (non-geocachers, bystanders, general public) don't get suspicious as to what we are up to, as we don't want them finding our stuff by accident or because we are too clumsy.

Well this was the first one we had to wait for passersby to go search. A little kid on a bike went by, so I hopped out of the car and whoops, there is a couple walking up the pathway, so back in the car I go. We sit and wait, just like the FBI would on stakeout. We felt a little weird as we were just barely pulled off the road. Well, the couple gets to our target location and she stops to scratch her knee... for like... 3 minutes. what the heck? anyway, after they move on, I go and start searching around. I can't find it anywhere. I am walking around looking like a blind idiot when I finally spot it. Very nicely camouflaged!

notice the thumbs up?

I open it up, fill out the log and... yikes here comes that kid again from the other way. I sit down with the cache sort of hidden in my hands and... the kid stops right in front of me. Come on now....what is this place, the Bermuda triangle of pathways? So I am sitting there all weird like, while Traci and Andrew are sitting in the car 30 feet away looking at me, and this kid is sorting out his candy he just bought. He finally moved on and I was able to replace the cache without being detected (i hope) and that finished our day of Geo-caching. fun stuff.

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