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Saturday, April 25, 2009

A new hike pack...

Sitting at home this morning, with Andrew going a little stir crazy, we call up Gramma and tell her Andrew is coming for a visit. She, of course, is ok with that, and Traci and I take a rare day to ourselves. Let's hike.

We drop of Andrew and head out to buy a good day bag for hiking. Trying to squeeze pennies I ask Traci if we should look at Canadian Tire or Walmart. She sort of looks at me, I dunno, but shouldn't we get a good one? Well... yeah. So we head down to Mountain Equipment Co-op. We haven't been there since we lived in our 2nd Condo in Calgary about 10 years ago. It is full of people that are uber fit and very outdoorsy, neither of which we used to be. HOWever, we are now fit and jeez it was sure fun to be in there and belong! MEC has very highend outdoor equipment, clothing and accessories and man could you spend a whole lot of money there.

We bought a MEC Daypack with a hydration pack and off we go. We head down to Eau Claire, park the car, pay the $2 for parking and forget to put the slip on the dash and bingo, when we get back a $45 ticket is waiting. The hike was nice. More of a walk than a hike, but it was our first one with the pack so it was a hike.

This was a pretty significant hike as it was Traci's first time ever on Prince's Island. Significant because it is a very prominent park in downtown, where Traci has worked for 10 years and in the city we have lived in for 11, and yet she never entered the park. Well that can be crossed off the ol' life list now too. I on the other hand was in the park once about 6 years ago for a few minutes. woo.

It was pretty cold and a little rainy/snowy, but we dressed for it and really enjoyed the hour or so that we puddled around, people watching and nature watching and the birds were very active. ALSO, hehe, there were these red feathers floating around the park, all over the place, we thought there might have been a rare bird around. There was a rare bird, in fact there were dozens... of RED hat ladies! must have been a convention. we found it pretty funny as these feathers from their hats and boas were spread out like breadcrumbs leading the way in and out of the park.

We spent some time in the Eau Claire mall, and enjoyed the ambiance (it actually had ambiance, which is something pretty new for this place). It had turned pretty cold and rainy outside so we buggered off on a bit of a drive, picked up some groceries and headed back to G&G's to pick up Andrew. He woke up form his nap very grumpy shortly after we arrived there, and was inconsolable. As much as Gramma wanted to 'fix' whatever problem he was having, there was no fix but a good cry and tantrum. Oh the trials and tribulations of a 21 month old.

We got home around 4pm made a nice supper and watched another weird snow storm come in. Andrew is so busy these days, he hits the pillow at 8pm and is out for a full 11-12 hours! Nice for mom and dad, that's for sure. Oh, here is the birthday supper picture I promised, and woowoo were those Crablegs ever delicious!

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