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Sunday, January 17, 2010


…of recent pictures from my phone...

Hey, do ya  mind?                                       CIMG0301

Mall walking with Mommy…                  CIMG0303

I stuck both legs in one hole and now it looks like a mini skirt…CIMG0304

TA-DA!                                                            CIMG0309

I am so cool, even when I am asleep!CIMG0341

HEY, I'm working here…CIMG0315 Wheeeeeeee…                                                 CIMG0319

Mmmmmm… Chochiach MeeooochCIMG0327

Mommy waiting at Emerg in High River (for Flu related visit)… there were exactly 1 people in line when we got there… If we stayed in Calgary, we might still be waiting.CIMG0332

Can you tell who is real and who is a stuffy?CIMG0333

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Whispers Up On The Wind... said...

High River...no line up! Thanks for the tip! Andrew looks so so cute and grown up! You guys just had him and he is walking already!