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Thursday, January 21, 2010

You have to love fog…

…for providing amazing photo opportunities.IMG_8602b

I’m not sure what is shrouded in the fog back there, but I am sure it’s not nearly as nice to look at as this is.

Now I am just playing with the photo adjustment settings in Live Writer…

Sepia tone sure adds a little zing to it! IMG_8602b

Black and white is ok too!IMG_8602b

The other thing that gives it some pop is sharpening it. It sort of loses its effect from the fog though…IMG_8602b

AND you can always crop out stuff. Careful here tho, as the image can get a bit pixelated the more you ‘zoom’ in.IMG_8602b


Whispers Up On The Wind... said...

Hey Neil I felt the same way about the photo opportunity fog and the frost presented today...but I stayed put and painted instead...
I think I procrastinated too long.

Photos looks good especially the sepia tone.

Oh I could not remember the blog tool you suggested...livewire was it?

Whispers Up On The Wind... said...

I also like the black and white photo too.