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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Traci and Andrew…

… ran fast today! Traci ran her first 10k race today and did an amazing job coming in at 1hr 8 minutes! It was only a few months ago that she was resigned to running 5k’s and not very happy about it. Well, with the new club, and some focus and direction with a simple training plan, she not only met her goal, but exceeded it!

Last week she ran 9k in training in 1:09, so she had an expectation of 1:15 for 10k. Seems reasonable, right? Well, she blew it out the door and came in in 10k, faster than she ran 9k! *woot*.

Unfortunately, with my race, Nan’s race and all the other stuff going on, there are no pictures of Traci Running. We will be able to purchase official race photos in about a week, so look for that! Here is Traci and our friend Happy Dan trying to stay warm before the race.


She said there were a few hard parts, but she had a pretty good race plan and executed it well. Congrats again Mommy, you did amazing!

After all of our races were over, it was Andrews turn. He was registered in the Timbits Marathon, which is a 1.2k run for all the little tykes. He was soooo excited, it’s all he could talk about for the past few days and he didn’t disappoint anyone with his performance. Mommy took Andrew by the hand (or Andrew took Mommy by the hand) and they RAN. Mommy asked a couple times if he wanted to walk and it was a very certain “No, Run Fast!”

DSCF0427 DSCF0423

He ran 1.2k in 9:49 and he loved every minute. heh.

We were a very non-athletic family for a long time, and here we are on a cold Sunday morning, Me running a half marathon at 7am, Traci running a 10k at 7:30am, Nan running a 5k at 9am and Andrew running a 1.2k at 10am. We were home by noon, having completed more running for 1 family than most do in a month! Yay for us! Poppop is close to starting a walking program after his Knee Surgery a couple weeks ago, so that’ll be awesome!

Next run is our Club Fun run on June 19th!

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Hembree said...

Congratulations to the Zellers!!! You guys are what a family should be.