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Monday, May 17, 2010

Traci’s Birthday part 1… April 24th

It was a Winnie the Pooh Princess party for my princess. Andrew and I had been covertly running ‘errands’ for a couple of days prior, including picking out this amazing cake from Sobeys.IMG_0252

We also picked out some party favours and plates and stuff too. Actually, Andrew picked out the princess stuff at the Dollar store (after a veto on the ‘Cars’ stuff by Daddy). We had fun in the store picking out all the bits and when we got to the till I saw a Princess Birthday balloon. We bought it for Mommy.   IMG_0260

If I would have known how happy she'd be receiving a balloon, i probably would have gotten her them much more often. Mental note, Traci LOVES balloons. Funny thing was it is supposed to be a singing balloon, but they told me it didn’t work so I got a hefty discount. The day after Traci’s Birthday, Andrew was running around with it and all of a sudden he got it to work. Andrew learned how to sing the Birthday song because of it.IMG_0254

Some awesome dudes got Traci flowers the day before.IMG_0262

It took a few attempts, but Andrew finally put the hat on long enough for a picture.IMG_0267

Anybody’s birthday is a fun day for Andrew, and most people we know let him help blow out the candles. We know this is going to cause a problem later on when he goes to other kids parties and ruins their special days by blowing out their candles, but we don’t care, that kid’ll just have to be faster than our sweet Andrew… hehe.IMG_0277

We went for a pleasant walk before supper as it was somewhat nice out. We thought this was a pretty cool image. Can you see the houses reflected in the water? Amazing how rural you can make an urban picture with a little cropping.IMG_0294

Spring is just around the corner… a really long corner… This was April 24th, and here it is May 17th and we finally got some warm weather just now… I think these are a willow of some sort. They bloom before they leaf…IMG_0319

I was taking some pictures of the pond and some birds when I was ‘Beckoned’ by the boy. Ok ok, I'm coming…IMG_0324

The long lens sure brings the mountains into our neighbourhood, doesn’t it? These are about 40-50 miles away. IMG_0330

Just another cool photo op… These houses actually have little covert gates built in them so the homeowners can park on the boulevard and slip through the secret door. Almost like a rotating bookcase, or Platform 10 and 3/4 from Harry Potter. IMG_0331

The little wrens were VERY busy. This bit of fluff was quite popular as just a few moments after I took this picture, he was bombarded by a number of other wrens until he dropped his stash and another one picked it up and flew away…IMG_0338

Here is our post dinner picture. We had Alaskan King Crab legs with garlic infused dippy butter, baby Back Ribs, seasoned greek style with an awesome sweet and sour sauce my family makes, with peas, corn and brussel sprouts (we all got our favourite veggies). I saved you the graphic close up picture of the bone bowl containing all the shells and bones, it was pretty gross when we got done with the carnage… but BOY was it tasty.IMG_0343

Andrew really shows how we all felt after this day… yep, it was definitely a ‘let the belt out a notch’ kind of supper… yuuuuum.IMG_0344

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Sue and Doug said...

looks like Traci had a great birthday!!!..thanks for sharing the very special day with us!!..Happy birthday!!!