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Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.10.10 part 1.o

What can I say. I got up and went out to our meeting point for our run and was greeted by this. Like seriously… what did I do to deserve this.


Here are a couple other pictures I took on the way over to the run. These next 2 were taken from the same spot.

IMG_7394 IMG_7396

We finished the run, equalling 8 1.0k’s for a total of 8k. It was a perfect morning for a run, and a perfect morning for a barefoot run. These days are being counted as blessings as they will be done soon and I’ll be in shoes (of some sort). When we got done our run, the group had a surprise for me, as Marian had picked up a cake and candles!

How much fun can a guy on his birthday, really. I highly recommend the embracing of ‘your’ day, as it is WAY more fun than brooding and shying away. From this experience this year…. *WoOt!*


Thanks Judy, Jamie, Mariea, and Marian for an awesome birthday morning run! It couldn’t have been nicer!


I got home and Andrew JUMPED up and yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! woohoo! Traci had breakfast ready! what a day and it’s only 10am!!

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Kate said...

What a beautiful thing. The rainbow, the sunrise, the friends, the run, the family. Blessed, indeed.