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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reader Mail!

Sue and Doug are faithful followers here. Sorry I don’t post much anymore, but I will, I promise I will.

they introduced their lovely blog friends to my running blog because I run Barefoot, and said blog friend Nellie, has been dabbling in the Dark Art too! (barefoot running. keep up please)

So I thought I would post my Running post from today, as they are in here. Only fair I suppose and I get a toofer in posts! Good stuff!

Ok, here is the post, as posted at my Running Blog.

But first Funny Wednesday Foto…

This is actually the only good reason to own a convertible in Calgary:


Ok, on to running. I’m not. Still weak and tired after my terrible night on Monday. I did eat a full compliment of calories today, which was good as I could only get up to a third (700cal) yesterday. I am down 8lbs in  2 days as of this morning.

The *wOoT* moment of the day happened when I got this facebook message from Melanie McQuaid.


The *bOo* moment came when I was told they can’t ship Island Nectar to Canada, that I'd have to take a standard flavour. How can I argue at 96 Roctanes, really? Still, I thought this was my Loophole to get some of the tasty workout treats.

And my question is, who does the sour grapes award go to?

OK, on to Reader Mail:

Adrienne said...

Is Stanley park like the U.S.'s Central Park? Looks awesome!!

A: Yes, Stanley Park IS like the U.S’s Central Park. It is located in the City of Vancouver and is actually an Island and yes it IS awesome! It is not, however, pictured in the last post. The picture is of Buchart Gardens on Vancouver Island, Near Victoria. Here are a few other images from our visit there 3 years ago.

IMG_6901 IMG_6913 IMG_6938

It still baffles me how incredible the place is… that is the Pacific Ocean right there…


Now, to get a little scale to the size of the place, see the people upper middle, left?

IMG_6873 IMG_6877

These photos are untouched. I couldn’t make them any better.


This one was ‘touched’ a bit… This one you can click on for larger, and feel free to take it! Let me know if you did tho, ok?


-Nellie and Jonathan said...

Well, I'll be flummoxed! I found your blog through Sue and Doug (Big Dawg) when they saw my blog post today about my barefoot wannabe run today :) You wanna see a newbie hoofing it?
Here ya go!

A: (not really a question, but a cool deal nonetheless) Many of you know that I keep many internet places to hang out. It is because I can’t typically keep friends for very long because I smell funny love to blog about stuff, but typically don’t cross blogospheres too much. This one did tho, cross blogs that is. My Andrew Blog, follows a lot of RV’ers and I have made some good friends there. One such friend has a friend that tried Barefooting recently and this such friend steered said friend to my camping site, and thus over here! Cool story hey? Nellies blog is very funny too! worth a read. (they sold everything and now live out of their RV full time) They are in their 30’s…

Shelley said...

Good luck with the weight loss - you've got a good plan. Just know that apparently most people don't tend to lose much weight when training for a marathon (or a half marathon, as I'm discovering). But hey, anything coming off will be great, right?

A: I know that it is a common thought that it’s hard to lose weight during a tough training cycle. I am proof positive that it can be done. I lost 40lbs during the 16 week training cycle for my first half marathon. I was on Jenny Craig and all I did was up my calories on run days to keep me fuelled. The insatiable appetite that comes with training was quelled with copious amounts of water and fruit! I suppose it depends where you are in your weight plan, as I know it gets harder to lose, the closer you get to your goal. I have given myself ample time to get off on the right foot, prior to the main part of the plan, so hopefully my weight loss will be a natural and sustainable journey!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Lose weight? What? Tired of being Ukrainian?

A: Never! I do love me a good perogy at Easter! (and why does the MS dictionary not have a spelling for perogy. Here are the solutions it comes up with. Spellcheck = Fail although ‘porgy’ made me laugh a little’


And finally an answer to my Gnome Problem…

A: Comes in this blog post from Reader Tiina of One Crazy Penguin. Thanks, I sent them in a cab with 6 bucks, a couple sandwiches and your address, let me know when they get there. On second thought, don’t!


And here, just because I’m feeling good today. Photo is Circa 1998. My wife is so proud…

Neil in Block Heater

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