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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back to Trail...

I mentioned it looked like Wheeling WV. I didn't mention that I thought the area was fantastic. Very cool and old. I like old downtowns and this one is right up there will the best of them.

The city street that leaves Trail and goes to Rossland is very deceiving. It looks like a regular street, straight uphill, then all of a sudden you are in Rossland. Rossland is so unbelievably cool, it is high alpine with character. It seems really friendly and approachable. They have what looks to be a really big historic mine with tours and a mine amusement park!?!

From Rossland the terrain is pretty plain, as much as the tops of mountains, curvy roads, steep cliffs can be plain, it is plain compared to what we have already seen in the mountains previously. We descend into Christina Lake. It is a real surprise to us. I don't know why, but I imagined it to be way more hick than it is. Where Creston is obviously a very Italian community, Christina lake has some pretty deep roots in Greece and Russia (we are really close to Grand Forks where the town sign says it is famous for Sunshine and Borscht) and is very clean and inviting. We are impressed. We drive through town to get to the Resort we are staying at and are very pleased. Most RV resorts have a lot of gravel in the sites but for some reason this resort is all lush grass. Superb for Andrew to run around! We set up and have a terrific evening, even though we are beat. We are in bed by 8:30 local time. yeesh what a couple of geezers. hehe.

Oh yeah, Andrew very much enjoyed the DVD player once again this part of the trip.

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