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Monday, August 25, 2008


What a great weekend at Mt. Kidd RV Park in Kananaskis. We left at 3:45, and then at 4:15. we forgot lots of stuff, not the least of which was the dogs harnesses, so they ended up with native made collars from the gift shop at the RV park, they did OK except for Kenickies Fat neck being larger than his fat head and the collar coming off whenever he wanted.

Andrew got to play tennis - well, he ran around the tennis court and pull on the net for a while. It was a really nice place for him to stretch his legs as there was nothing to fall into/over/onto. There is a really nice big grassy park next to the courts, and he made very good use of this area to frolic.

There is a sign coming into the park that reads "bear in area". what the heck? where? when? is he in the campground? A sign like this for a family like ours makes it pretty hard to do anything outside after dark or even around dusk. Too much fear of being bear kibble. I went out last night to tidy up the site, i looked up to see the stars like I have never seen them before, amazing, I couldn't get enough of them. I wanted to lie down and stare at them, but that would have made it too easy for the bears. So I went in.

On Saturday we just hung around and relaxed. Ate too much, of course. We did drive into Peter Lougheed Prov. Park. It has really cool place called William Watson Lodge. This total access lodge was built to enable Albertans with severe disabilities or seniors the chance to enjoy K-Country's' beauty. Great job Alberta! Otherwise the park has amazing campgrounds, the Spray lake reservoir is wonderful and the scenery is second to none.

I gotta say, Mt Kidd, from the vantage point of Mt Kidd RV Park is pretty impressive. It is probably the description of Mountain in the dictionary. Rocky, trees, snow, cliffs, peaks, meadows, it has it all.

Andrew got a visit from his Grandma and Grandpa on Sunday. We all went for a nice walk around the common areas of the park, had a weenie roast and got some ice cream (Andrew is a freak for ice cream). G'ma and G'pa rode out on their steel pony, Andrew seemed to get a kick out of the Goldwing when G'pa showed it off to him.

We stayed out until Monday morning, which is nice as it is very quiet by then and have no line-ups at the sani-dump. (we fretted over a plugged blackwater tank, when it was actually empty. sheesh) Andrew seemed happy to get home.

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Gramma Col said...

Dear Andrew Jay:

We had such a wonderful afternoon with you and your Mom & Dad at Mt. Kidd and look forward to learning more as you explore the world and travel the globe. Have a great holiday to British Columbia and I'll be watching on your blog to see where you are and how you are doing. Hugs and Kisses forever!
Love Gramma (Grampa loved sharing his ice cream with you)