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Sunday, August 17, 2008


Hot and dusty are the key words for the weekend. Andrew had a ton of fun running around, trying to avoid the gopher holes. Rizzo and Kenickie had their healthy extra treats stolen on Thursday night by foxes. I am surprised red foxes are watching their figures down near Nanton

We really didn't do much. The trailer was excellent, can't wait to have electrical (ac) though, as the 30deg temps made it quite uncomfortable in the afternoons. We did have breakfast at the Livelys on Saturday, it was nice to see them again, Dane is a very cute little 8 year old boy and 10 year old Alexi is tall tall tall. The picture is Kurtis, hard to believe he is our new CA. He takes great pride in letting people know he is a headbanging heavy metal freak. He is a great accountant though.

I think Andrew enjoyed the new camper as there is much more room to run around, and he gets to share the bed with his mom and dad, not just his mom as we had to split up in the old camper.

There he is asleep on the bed
Look at this, 1 year old and already brushing his own teeth! I don't care if this is normal for his age, don't tell me, he is a genius to me! hehe.


JB said...

Small world, I know Kurt's folks Harry and Linda. The Best Man at my wedding is a good friend of theirs.

ANT-Zee said...

Great people, We lived next door to Kurtis and Laurie in High River for 3 years.