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Sunday, August 31, 2008

I hereby proclaim the name of this country... "ZELLER"

Major experience lesson #1 on this trip.

Our campsite is located only 2km from the US border. As we have never seen a vehicle border crossing we drove there to look. so far so good. We drive up to the little post that shows the international boundary between US and Canada. I get out and take a picture. Still good, right? I get back in the truck and shoulder check so I can turn around. All good.

Until I see that we have actually gone beyond the point of no return and are stuck in some weird land BETWEEN Canada and USA. I look at Traci and she gives me that look only wives can give their husbands in a situation like this... "you arsehole" are probably the best words that could have summed up the look.

SO... we have to go back through Canadian Customs and Immigration.

I tell Traci they are watching through the windows and have seen us pull up and not actually gone into the states. As we line up to "re-enter" Canada, Traci tells me we don't have our passports. But what we do have is 2 Canadians (1 baby), 1 American and 2 pugs with no tags. I tell Traci that this happens all the time and is normal for these border guards.

Yeah, not so much.

Neil -"Hi, yeah, we just wanted to see the border, we didn't actually go into the US."

Border guard lady - "I didn't see you" *see look from wife above*

Neil - "well we just turned around right here"

Border guard lady -"I still need to ask you some questions"

Neil - "ok"

Border guard lady - "I need to see some ID, where is home for you?"

Neil handing the Lady our Drivers Licence and Andrews Birth Certificate (thankfully Traci had this)- "Calgary, we are staying at the Cascade Cove RV Park"

Border guard lady - "How long are you staying at the Cascade?"

Neil - "We are leaving tomorrow"

Border guard lady - "Where are headed after that?"

Neil - "Harrison Hot Springs"

Border guard lady - "Very well then, go ahead"

Neil - "----------"

As we are driving away, we start laughing at my stupidity. We did however decide to name the really silly little bit of land that lies between the US border hut and the Canadian border hut. We officially named this bit of land "ZELLER"

Welcome to Zeller, may I see your passport please? Where are you travelling to? Canada huh? Do you have any idea it is illegal to transport Nutterbutters from the USA through Zeller? We are going to have to confiscate those from you. have a nice day.

The lessons to be learned are:

1. The border is for crossing, not looking at.
2. The little unmarked house on the left as you approach the border, is really the point of no return as it is the Canadian Immigration hut.
3. Don't assume the road will have some kinds of sign telling you to stop or at least tell you you are entering Zeller.
4. Bring your passports

The best part is, the Dogs kept their heads down the entire time. Normally they will get up when we stop, but I guess they knew the gig was up if they looked up. She never saw them.

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