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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Best line…

A friend of Traci’s was in a little altercation the other day. It goes like this.

Traci’s friend was sitting in her car in the aisle of a parking lot when one car came up behind her and another car came around her and parked in front of her car, blocking both cars way. A very large man got out of the car in front and went and started verbally and physically accosting the lady in the car behind. Traci’s friend got out of the car to go and intervene. She too was verbally and physically roughed up, then the guy called her a (worst word) then drove off. Well Traci’s friend had already called the cops and not too far up the road they caught the guy and brought him back to the scene. The lady who pulled in behind Traci’s friend said she had no idea what she did to this guy but he had been following her aggressively for 10 minutes. She pulled into the parking lot as there were lots of people around and thought she would be safe.

After all the statements were taken, Traci’s friend walked past the police cruiser where the guy was sitting and he yelled at her, calling her a (worst word) again. Traci’s friend asked the cop if he would roll down the back window a bit and they obliged. She looked the guy right in the eye and said:

“I may be a (worst word), but you… you are going to jail”

All involved (except the guy) had a good chuckle at that, then it was off to jail for the perp…

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