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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Poor neglected blogger…

I have been getting grief from family at the lack of substantial blog posts here. I have been wrapped up in a number of things including work (we started outdoor landscaping today) and my running blog has taken a life of it’s own. www.becauseallthecoolkidsaredoingit.blogspot.com if you are interested in what else i’m doing.

But that is not what this blog is about…

Andrew is doing amazing. He is the light of our life and anyone else he meets. Last weekend Andrew went out to the mountains for an overnighter while Poppop and I finished the basement. Nan, Aunty Nicki, Traci and Andrew had a bonding weekend at Aunty Nicki’s Condo, that overlooks the amazing mountains and the Bow River in Canmore. CIMG7939

I have never been to her condo, but  from all reports it is quite nice. Andrew and Aunty Nicki had quite a bonding weekend, and celebrated by sharing some chocolate eggs. Yum.   CIMG7954

On their Sunday morning walk down to the river, Andrew was very diligent in picking only the best rocks to bring home. CIMG7932CIMG7938CIMG7942

We didn’t have the basement done when they got home, however some Pizza73 and an hour break, we got back to it and got the carpet laid and we were finally done. Yay.

Other happening around here, I think Andrew got stung by a bug or something as his lips swelled up… (he seems impressed doesn’t he… LOL)


We took some photos that will be shared at his wedding… This boy LOVES his baths!  CIMG5759 CIMG5766

He also tolerates me singing Rock-a-bye Baby to him after the bath when he is all wrapped up in his towel…CIMG5769

We went out a flew a kite. Andrew really understood the concept as he held the string reel like a pro… (this is heading out to fly the kite)CIMG7847

And Traci took this picture of Forrest and little Forest watching the boob tube.CIMG5910

We are sure having fun!

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