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Monday, March 15, 2010


We had a doctor once tell us “He’s a toddler, just hold him down”… he obviously didn’t meet a kid like our Andrew. As soon as we walked through the door at Beaners today, he was a mess. He freaked out crying “NO HAIRCUT, ANDREW NO WANT HAIRCUT” and he didn’t let up until we were done and out the door. It was all Traci and I could do to hold him down while she used the clippers around his ears and neck. None of us had on a cape, so we were all VERY hairy at the end. Oh well. Funny part – Andrew was saying thank you to the haircut lady between big sobs. Our frightened (but polite) little boy…

He’s fine now… showing everyone his ‘pretty’ haircut. It is very pretty… bordering on handsome. He’s growing up so fast.

Andrew haircut 1Haircut side profile  Andrew haircut mqueen

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