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Monday, November 23, 2009

A Big Package from Tennessee...

...showed up on our front door Today. Andrew recieved his box from Rick! This is TOO much fun. I think I need a pen pal that sends me stuff... hehe. Actually, I did recieve a nice running shirt, that Ricks MOM, Lisa had donated money in our name to recieve. Thanks, it's pretty cool to get stuff!

Andrew woke up shortly after it arrived. We went through everything while he was napping, but put it all back so he could discover it all himself. He pulled out a shirt and says' A shirt!', he pulls out another shirt and says 'Another shirt!, Fun!'. I figure Tony picked out the cat in a bag toy, as it freaked Andrew out, and he wouldn't even go in the room where it was plomping around. Mission accomplished Tony! I liked it though... if that counts... hehe. We also got 2 really large boxes of gooey marshmallowee choclate treats. Thanks, I just lost 2 minutes off my next run. (ed. note: worth it)
Andrew went stright over and put his new magnet on the Fridge...

Lisa used the box that we sent down there last month to send Andrews package back. Traci has already started to re-pack it for the return trip to Tennessee with the Xmas stuff in it.
Thanks a bunch for everything Rick. Watch for your next pile of stuff that will be coming your way soon!


Nan said...

Talk about Mr. Dimples!! What fun getting a package in the mail!

Leno said...

Such fun and way too cool this exchange you have going on with Lisa..