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Make play a high priority in your life for if you die tomorrow no one can play for you, but someone can and will do your work for you!!!" Ken Beebe (Dr. Play)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Deleted post

I removed the H1N1 post from this journal. It has been bugging me since I posted it. I feel the way I feel about it, but this isn’t the forum for that kind of rant. This is a place of fun and goofiness and family stuff that we can look back on and laugh and cry and share memories.

Pic of the day. A reminder for me, of what this journal is about. The only time it is ok to turn a smile upside down is to make a happy meal superhero helmet out of it…!IMG_2077


Nan said...

OH my gosh. that child is cute!!

John and Sandy said...

What a cutie...you should submit that to McDonald; maybe he could be in one of their commercial.