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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ford Lock…

We plowed on Saturday and Sunday as well, and when we came into the parking lot where I smashed into the door, they had a Ford Truck parked against the pallet I had propped up there the night before.CIMG0242 CIMG0235 Dad looks at me and says, ‘look they got a ford lock’. Hehe, good one. As opposed to a $16.oo piece of plywood and 4 screws, they park a $60,000.00 truck there and leave it. Ok.

We had it much easier both Sat and Sunday, so we had some time to spend at our favorite coffee shop. It’s a pretty nice sight at 2:30 in the morning.CIMG0243

So today, Dad and I are leaving Home Depot on our way to another project we have on the go, and I notice that there is person struggling to get across a snowdrift on the sidewalk along the road. It is an elderly woman that had fallen in the deep snow and was struggling to get up. I was about to get out of the truck and go help her when I saw a lady running toward her. This lady was in a full sprint and when she got to the snow bank she tripped, and in full laid out flight, she TACKLED the old woman back down to the ground (ed note: by accident I hope, as it looked like a football tackle). The young lady picked herself up off the old woman, who actually ended up face first  in the snow bank, grabbed the old women around the waist and HEAVED her onto her feet Heimlich style. If I didn't know any better, the younger woman was drunk by the way she acted. AND why on earth did this elderly woman need to be out in this harsh weather. I am sure a few dumb decisions on a few peoples parts resulted in this situation. yeesh.

It’s supposed to snow again this week, so it should be good for the ‘ol blogger…hehe.

Pic of the day, Another awesome Hawaii shot… This one is Waikiki beach at nightDSC01853


Hembree said...

You just HAD to put the picture of Tim's on there didn't ya???...IT should have been the picture of the day!!!

K and D in an RV said...

Ok - Donald wants to know if you can even find! your BBQ in that Calgary weather! Ha!

Wandering Willy said...

Ah yes!Good old Timmy's.I do miss it down here on the beach.Something to look forward to in March when I get home.Great shot,so warm and inviting on a cold day.