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Saturday, December 5, 2009



I crashed into a building. Well just the door of the building, so not so bad. It was whiteout conditions at times last night while Poppop and I plowed. I am more ticked off that I broke the taillight to the truck… CIMG0234 That yellow post actually stopped me from completely entering the building.

There was an amazing amount of snow. Hoowee. There must have been a foot that came down, then the wind piled everything up into 3-4’ deep snowdrifts. This was by far our longest shift. We started a 6:30pm and finished at 10:30am. Our last lot is at the Calgary Public Library this morning, we had a older fella watch us finish plowing, then he came over and told us we could teach the city a thing or 2 about plowing. Thanks Mister! (Ed note: I didn’t tell him I crashed into a building )

It was a hard night. Didn’t seem like it was going to end. It did, and I got 5 hours of sleep because are getting ready to head out again. Last night was just meant to move the bulk of the snow, now we get to go make it all look pretty. It’ll take us about 10 hours most likely. But getting home at 4am is much more tolerable than getting home at 10am. hmmm. Tonight’s challenge will be the cold, it’s supposed to get to –30c, which is well, –25f, yikes.

Here are some other sights from our night of snow removal. CIMG0238CIMG0217   CIMG0228 CIMG0227

I love this one… kinda captures the night really well.CIMG0225  CIMG0219

Pic of the day… one of my favorites from our trip to Hawaii… I can dream… Oh how I miss you Lanakai Beach!DSC02043


Hembree said...

Traci can tell ya...we had just as much!!! It was just reallllllllllly spread out!!!

Jim and Dee said...

And just to think it's only the beginning.