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Monday, December 14, 2009

only 10 more shopping days…

We went out and got Andrews gifts today, checkmark for us. It was a fairly pleasant experience. Our house has been decorated for some time now as Andrew and Traci have been doing all manner of things to Christmasfy the place. They decorated a gingerbread house and it turned out awesome. There is a lot of stuff on this bad boy…IMG_7794

We have always had a Christmas tree train, but they have always been plastic $10 battery operated jobbies that pretty much only lasted a season or two. 3 years ago we purchased a Lego holiday train. I didn’t really know what to expect when we received it, but it turned out amazing. This is a real 9v train set, that you get to build every year. It is already a really fun tradition for me, and probably next year it will be Andrews tradition as well. He is pretty much a wrecking ball when it comes to toys and anything moving, but he just watches this train go round and round. He actually lays still and watches it for 10-20 minutes at a time. He doesn’t sit still for 10-20 seconds normally… IMG_7797IMG_7804IMG_7803  Check out the people inside enjoying the ride…IMG_7812  I LOVE TRAINS!!!IMG_7816

We, and by we, I mean Traci, has started her baking. Andrew and I help clean up…IMG_7823IMG_7821

Also, if any of you were worried if Andrew was going to be a good Dad to his stuffie from the game last night, I can assure you he is in good hands… (ps. when Andrew is done with this one, we WILL donate it to another kid, we promise) IMG_7824

One more note. the other day, Traci went outside and has the S*** scared out of her by this big rotty. IMG_7790She turned out really playful and friendly, but the young pups owners were no where to be found. We called the city as she was wearing tags, and just put her in the backyard. It was a bit chilly out so she ended up at our door scratching and barking, generally causing chaos with the donkeys and Andrew alike. Andrew would peek out the door and see the big dog there, Yell *ACK* and run into the living room… the pugs on the other hand were beside themselves. I got a knock on the front door, and thinking that it was the city, I was surprised to see a younger lady there with the rotty. Penny was the puppy's name and this was the owner. She asks “did you know my dog was in your backyard?” yep, I did. Apparently she chased a rabbit. Oh well, I called off the city and chalked it up to a happy ending. IMG_7789

Pic of the day… Andrew REALLY enjoying his nap one day this summer… I guess this is what they meant by sleeping like a baby… IMG_6985

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sue and doug said...

thanks for sharing a day in your life!!..great job on the decorations!!!