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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Grey Cup came…

… one team won and one team lost. That’s all I have to say about that. If you want to know more, click here.

The best part about Grey Cup weekend was I got to see Steven again! He has been enduring round after round of Chemo in his battle to beat his Lymphoma, but in the midst of all the suckiness of that, he was selected by the Chris Knox Foundation for an all expenses paid trip to Calgary for the big game. He got to bring 2 people with him too. So he picked his Dad first, good choice. Now, he had a lot of choices for his second pick. Could’ve been anyone. His choice shows how truly wise this little 13 year old guy is.

He has a lot of friends. All the other little dudes in small town Saskatchewan that he could of brought… and he brings a girl buddy. HOW smart!!! If he brings one of his dude buddies he is a jerk for not picking any of the other ones, if he brings his Mom or Sister he is a wussy, but if he brings a girl buddy he’s, well… a cool dude. How could any of his dude buddies complain about that? His mom and sister probably aren’t much into football, so GREAT choice.

They flew in on Friday night, got stuck in a snowstorm traffic jam, but were nevertheless happy to be here. A nice supper that night and off to bed as they were actually IN the Grey Cup Parade the next morning. Nan and Poppop took some family down to the parade so I got them to take some pictures. steven float 1 P1010430

Parades are cool! Especially when I know someone in the parade.

Well, I had told him to call me when he got back to the hotel after the parade, and then I would come over and have a visit with them. He calls me right after the parade is over and says “Hey, come pick us up, we’re cold” hehe. Uh, sorry, I have Andrew, Traci is at a Craft Fair selling her baskets and our sitters (Nan and Poppop) are, um, at the parade! I told him to grab a cab back to the hotel and then call me and I would come get them. OK.

Well about an hour goes by and I get another call. “Hey we’re at the restaurant on 5th St can you come get us now”. Uh, where are you? “ I don’t know, can you come get us?”, Jeez Steven this is a pretty big city, you are going to have to help me out here… “Ok, we’ll walk over the the Calgary tower and wait out front.” Ok, great, I’ll see you in 25 minutes. yeesh.

In the mean time Nan and Poppop had arrived and off I went to pick them up.

I got downtown, and what a zoo! IMG_7770Grey Cup had taken over downtown and the party was kind of like stampede. The traffic was idiotic, with people going all over the place with no idea where they were going. Anyway, I got a text from Steven that they were waiting inside at the tower. I was 2 blocks away, and I could see them. I texted ‘go outside’, Steve says to them, “Neil says to go outside” I watched them walk out side as I approached. They never saw me until I was right in front of them, so I honked and startled them. I’m funny.


When they hopped into the truck, both the kids were heads down in their phones texting away. I found out they were texting the same kid back in Sask. LOL.  

I took them for a 2 bit tour of the city, as I only had an hour until I had to pick up Traci. I think they enjoyed the tour. We drove out to the edge of the city where you could see the mountains, and then over to Olympic park and back through town toward the hotel. Steven was bugging Kayla to no end, and she sort of slugged him then said sorry. Steven says “yeah, I have Cancer so you can’t hit me” I told him, the day you are cleared of cancer, she is going to beat the snot out of you for a week! hehe. Steve is in really good spirits. I was really happy to see him, and when we said goodbye at the hotel with hugs and a ‘Seeya soon’, it was quite nice.  They then had to get ready for supper in the Calgary Tower with the premier (governor) of Saskatchewan, and the big game was the next day.

Can you blame ol’ stevo for bringing Kayla?!?IMG_7781

After that I headed back to Traci’s craft fair as it was over at 3pm. Sales weren’t that good, but she met some other vendors and I think she enjoyed the time there. We were back home by 4 and relieved Poppop and Nan so they could go back to their house where they had a houseful of people in for the game.

Side story: My Aunt Alex and Uncle Bob were down from Prince George (800km away) to see the game as Bob is the biggest Roughrider fan I know. It was a few weeks ago we were watching curling on TV and it just happened to be broadcast from Prince George. “Hey, isn’t that AA and UB? yep is was.

Yum, are the Nachos good? Haha… note UB’s Roughrider Jacket! IMG_7656

So, Here is some of what Traci’s craft show table looked like.  IMG_7756 IMG_7758

Of course Andrew enjoys a fun outing anytime!IMG_7768

She is in a craft fair this Weekend in New Brighton and next weekend she has a two day fair in Thorncliffe.

It is a busy time here right now. We are all guns a blazing and it seems to be good!

Goodnight now!

Pic of the day… cool clouds at dusk.IMG_7680

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Rick and Paulette said...

What a dumb way to lose a Grey Cup Game - and that's all I'll say about that! Great post!