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Thursday, December 24, 2009

ok ok, i’ll blog already…

It’s been since the 18th that I blogged last and am I getting pressure! So when life is exciting and busy, there are lots of things to blog about, but when it gets so busy that there is no time to blog, that’s where I get into trouble and behind on this forum. Just so you know, I also write blogs for a running group I a part of as well as one for our company (that hasn’t been updated in a while), and another personal blog that is my own stuff, so sometimes I may have blogged, just not here.

So, I’ll do all the stuff that has happened in the last week in point form today.

1. We plowed some more

2. It got cold again

3. We went  to Zoo lights. The Calgary Zoo puts up a light display that is amazing. We used to go before we had Andrew, and it was nice, but since we had Andrew it is crazy fun. Now that he is 2 1/2 he really digs it and in turn we REALLY dig it! He oohs and aahs at the lights, plays on the slides, loves the supper break for a hot dog and hot chocolate, and generally is a happy boy here. He was all dressed up in his full winter gear, and is now able to explore a bit without holding our hands or being tied into the stroller. It makes it great fun for us.IMG_7833IMG_7848aHere is a closeup of the VERY happy boy going down the slide.  IMG_7848 IMG_7836This is him saying ‘CHEESE”  IMG_7842 IMG_7838

4. Poppop and I saw a major takedown on the highway. I won’t go into details here, as this is a public forum, but it was very interesting coming up on the scene with all the guns pulled and the suspect surrendering as we drove by… yikes…CIMG0293 CIMG0295

5. Andrew LOVES corn on the cob. IMG_7825 IMG_7826 Here he is saying ‘CHEESE’ again…IMG_7832

6. We finished our Christmas shopping, and celebrated with some Tim’s for lunch…

Busy times at the stores…IMG_7860

No this wasn’t one of his presents, it was just used to distract him while Mom shopped…CIMG0282 

Mommy, can I have some of your soup?CIMG0271Silly boy, you don’t need to ask, of course you can have some!  CIMG0277

7. We changed the Donkeys food, and the Cat couldn’t be happier… yeesh.

Look at Rizzo’s face, she is saying “what the *&^%?'. that's my food you skinny freak!”IMG_7892

8. I thought I was a few mushrooms short of a bag..

they were in the map pocket of the truck door…CIMG0285

9. We enjoyed a nice wintery sunset over the foothills and Mountains…IMG_7880 

All in all it was a productive week, we had lots of fun getting ready for Xmas! I probably will post tomorrow as lots more will be happening in the next 24 hours… I’ll give you a hint (Santa is coming…)

Pic of the day… what a guy…CIMG0279


Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

Nice blog, lots of pic's of the star performer,LOL. Don't need to say much more. Hope his Christmas is wonderful, and he's old enough to remember them now. Ya got us hooked on knowing how your little guy is doing.

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

Rod & Loyce

Wandering Willy said...

Merry Christmas to your whole family.Have a great day.