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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Basement project update…

Poppop has been working feverishly in the basement for us, and I have even added my handyman touch to some of the project too. I have installed most of the lighting, completed some of the woodwork you see below, and I even took my turn spraying the texture on the ceiling! The project is coming along, there is alot of woodwork to finish yet, but honestly it’s the most fun for us, as our family history is all about fine woodworking. All the pine wood you see is going to be stained a dark walnut color… and there is a lot of pine in this project, so it is going to look amazing when it’s done.

Looking across the room into the future home theater room.IMG_7595IMG_7694IMG_8627 IMG_8731 

From the home theater room back into the Rumpus Room.IMG_7702IMG_8733

The stairs… there was a major change here, can you spot what we did?IMG_7699IMG_8631IMG_8741

Traci and Andrews’ Craft Kitchen area…IMG_7695 IMG_8635IMG_8720 

I figure another month and we should be laying the carpet… yay finished!!

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