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Sunday, February 7, 2010

It’s like photo inspiration overload…

We have had fog and frosty conditions for the last week now. Every morning we wake up and the trees have an inch of new frost on them. This is very unusual for our area as we are usually too dry…

The first two are not of a thorny tree. The ‘thorns are just frost build-up on a normal branch…IMG_8611 IMG_8612 

this one looks straight up a Swedish Aspen next to our driveway…IMG_8657

This photo is the bottom of the light fixture on the corner of our garage… IMG_8663

And while this one isn’t that frosty, I just liked it. IMG_8639


JaTexas said...

Wow..are the "spikes" on the branches what happens when the weather calls for "Frozen Fog"? I have seen it in the forecast but never knew what it really was. Thanks for some great photos.

ANT-zee said...

Thanks Jake,

I'm not sure how the spikes are formed, it seems like every day lately has a different kind of frost... really strange for around here where it's normally clear, dry and cold.