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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Boys day out…

I got home from the garden show downtown around 1:45 this afternoon, got changed, took care of a couple things and then Andrew and I took off. I didn’t know where we were going, but I know we were going to have fun.

We ended up at Calgary International Airport. Why is YYC fun you ask? well, for one, they have spaceport. Spaceport is a super fun and interactive area of YYC that give kids and adults a place to play at the airport. It has a 1/3 scale replica of the space shuttle hanging from the ceiling, a full size single engine airplane you can climb into and pretend to pilot, all sorts of simulator rides (F1 race car, F-16 jet fighters that have full motion, even upside down) and a bunch of other cool stuff to do with space travel. Andrew really liked the area and we spent quite some time in there.

Just outside spaceport is one of the food courts at the airport. So for the next 1/2 hour Andrew learned how to use chopsticks while eating a 3 item combination from Manchu Wok. He did pretty good, as the rice would stick to the chopsticks. I would pinch a pea or piece of ginger beef for him and he would grab the 2 chops and (most of the time) make it to his mouth. When we were done, we walked about 35 feet over to the dairy queen for a cone. Andrew loves his cones, but he stole my spoon (I was having a sundae) and used it to scoop out the ice cream from his cone. Looks like we know now how he will want to eat his cone from now on. Mommy, just so you know… spoon.

We played on the elevators. They have these glass elevators that are exposed on all sides. We were sitting a few feet from one when 3 guys got on and disappeared down to the floor below. Andrew says “OH NOOOOO. What HAPPENED?”…. … … ‘Andrew try?’ hehe, yeah, Andrew can try.

Down on the main floor they have the best airport gift shop ever. We spent a good half hour in there checking it out and trying it out. It has the largest collection of scale aircraft and Aircraft toys I have ever seen. Andrew came out with a motorized “warthog” fighter jet and a rubber band powered balsa plane. Looks like I know what we will be doing in the park tomorrow.

We spent quite a bit of time walking around. It is amazing how cool the airport can be when you are not actually travelling. Obviously the people watching is super fun, but it is a really fun place, with an amazing amount of activities to keep your mind (and a 2 year old) occupied.

We were leaving the parkade and Andrew says ‘go back in dere Daddy’ pointing to the airport… hehe… maybe another day son…

We drove the half hour ride home, singing songs and pointing out ‘macs’ (big rigs, think ‘cars’ the movie) and busses. He started to complain that he was getting tired, but I didn't want him to go to sleep. I said, ?want to go to the coffee shop?” YEah Coffeeee Chop!!!! he says… so he was excited for the coffee shop the whole way home. We were chatting the entire way until just as we pulled up to the Good Earth Cafe in Cranston, I looked back and his head just bobbed over… whew, we made it without him falling asleep.

It’s always fun in the coffee shop with Andrew, he understands it to be a place to relax, and he relaxes. At one point he was laying down on the soft chair with his feet up on the window, just enjoying his day…

Needless to say he was pretty pooped out by the time beddybye came around and he was out pretty quick.

All in all, a pretty perfect day…

Picture of the day, not from today as my camera phone has cacked out on me, but a good one from another day nonetheless… “CHEESE!”CIMG0333

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