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Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Day Long Weekend…

…yes, we have Family Day when America is having dead presidents day. So what should we do? Traci took Andrew downstairs and let me sleep in for an extra hour. That was a REALLY good start to the day. Thanks sweetie. When Traci came up to wake me she said there were all kinds of free Family Day activities all over Calgary and area. There were things to do in Banff, Canmore, Ft Mcleod, Calgary, High River and Drumheller. We decided to go to Drumheller because it was close (130kms) and the Royal Tyrell Museum was free today. We were in no hurry, but we had to get started sooner than later as Tim’s only serves breakfast until 11am on weekdays. (I have an idea for Tim Horton’s new Ad campaign, “Every road trip starts at Tim’s!”). Sounds good hmmm?

So I had a Breakfast Sandwich with Sausage and 2 hashbrowns, Traci had a multigrain bagel with Herb and Garlic cream cheese, and Andrew had a plain bagel with Herb and Garlic cream cheese. Traci had a French Vanilla Cappuccino, I had an Extra Large Double Double, and Andrew had Apple Juice. We also got 10 timbits to share. Yumm…

It was actually raining when we left, which is highly unusual for Calgary this time of year but we were on the road for only about 20 minutes when it stopped and the sun started to fight through the clouds. We were only on the road a few minutes and I said, ‘hey honey, get your camera ready because we were about to drive past my foggy tree site from a few blogs ago. Remember this? IMG_8602a See what it looks like in real life? Fog is awesome! CIMG7682

Back on the road we went. Andrew played with a car he brought with him for most of the trip. He such a happy guy, we are so blessed. About 20 minutes before we reached our destination in Drumheller we stopped at Horseshoe Canyon. Horseshoe Canyon is about 200 feet from the main road, but you can’t see it until you are in the parking lot at the lookout. People would drive right by not knowing what they are missing by not stopping.  CIMG7691 CIMG7698 CIMG7684

Right after these photos were taken the SD card cacked out on us, so we had to stop in at Wal-mart in Drum to pick  up a new one. We ended up taking our time, got some tasty snacks from the in-store McD’s and then headed out to the Museum. The last time we were there, I was underwhelmed. This time though I was really impressed. I figure it was because Andrew enjoyed it and I enjoyed it along with him.

He didn’t like it at all when we first went it, as it’s quite dark and there are LOTS of giant heads with LOTS of giant teeth in there. I picked him up and consoled him for a while, all the time telling him how much fun it was to see this stuff, and calling little dinosaurs puppies and kitties. hehe, it didn’t take him long to warm up to the place and soon enough he was running all over, checking everything out.

Mighty T-Rex!CIMG7722-1

These next two are outside before you go in, they are very well done and pretty cool to see as you go inside! CIMG7702-1 CIMG7703-1

Here’s where Andrew sort of freaked out.. Can’t really blame him can you?CIMG7706-1 CIMG7708-1

The museum is really amazing, it has a lot of everything, and just when you think you have seen the whole place, you walk into another huge area with more big stuff!CIMG7713-1

I ended up very impressed with the place, as it held the attention of one little 2.5 year old boy, the whole way round the place! here is a (opposite of waterfall) bubble-rise.CIMG7720-1

They have these globes in each area, it shows where the continents were positioned during the era that they were displaying in this particular part of the museum. Andrew loved to spin them.CIMG7729-1

Andrew gets up close and personal with science!CIMG7733-1

Andrew gets up close and personal with a twizzler.CIMG7739-1

What the heck is that up there??CIMG7742

Awwww… the baby is sooooo cute!  CIMG7744-1

Andrew and daddy watching a whatchamacallitasaurus eating!CIMG7745-1

Even the gift shop held Andrews attention at the end of the tour… he came home with some toy dinosaurs, imagine that… hehe.

When we came out of the museum, it was really nice outside, so we just took a walk. We ended up in the badlands! how nice for us. Andrew just adores stomping in the snow and had a great time running free in the wild… well, close enough to us, but still free enough…CIMG7749-1 CIMG7750-1

We stopped for an ice cream cone at Dairy Queen on the way out of town and had a very uneventful and relaxing ride home. Andrew conked out about 5 minutes into the ride and slept the entire 1.5 hrs it took us to get home. For the record, Traci conked out 20 minutes into the ride as the sun was beaming in on her side...

Picture of the day… Our backyard in the height of summer. The nice weather today had me wishing for long warm days… IMG_5166a

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