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Saturday, February 20, 2010


Traci had a Hen’s party today. The theme was jewellery and she had her good friend Marie-Noel come over and present a Custom Made Jewellery party for some of Tracis’ friends. I showed up at the end, Andrew and I were at Poppop’s house for a sausage party of our own (we went to Home Depot for no particular reason, we are crazy like that!), while we were banished from our house.

Looks like it was pretty fun as most of the food was ate up by the time I was able to graze through the leftovers.  IMG_8749

Marie-Noel makes all her own creations. They look really nice and she had a LOT of stuff to display. Her company is called Skye Jewels and you can see her stuff at www.skyejewels.com or you can see her blog at www.skyejewels.blogspot.com.

Here is some of the items she brought with her.  IMG_8746IMG_8754IMG_8763IMG_8755

If I was a girl, i would probably like this one…IMG_8752 IMG_8758IMG_8759IMG_8757 She makes cool bookmarks too…IMG_8748IMG_8747

Here is Marie-Noel obliging my request for a photo… IMG_8762

Looks like fun, glad I wasnt here… haha… now let’s go see how much money was spent!

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Marie Cramp said...

Thanks for the post!! You can also see some of my pieces in my Etsy shop at

I had fun!!