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Friday, February 12, 2010

So we won an award…

I don’t talk TOO much about my work on this blog, except for when I back into a building while plowing snow. That’s what we do to pass time in the winter. Our real job is Landscape Construction. It is our family business and Dad (Poppop) and I run the company.

We were informed that a project that we submitted last October won a provincial award. We did win an award for a project last year, that was an award of merit. Out of 28 entries last year most of them got awards of merit and only a few got the award of Excellence. SO, this time we were quite pleased to be given an award of Excellence for this years submission. That is until I saw that most of the projects received awards of excellence. This year out of 24 submission, 16 got the big award. Well, it kind of watered it down for me, probably not right to think that way, as it is still an honor to have won.

But wait. Once they went through all the plaque presentations they had 2 more announcements. The first announcement was to award 4 sponsor award for the Highest scoring projects (they score the projects based on quite an extensive criteria, to determine the award winners). Low and behold, our name comes up on the top of the list, AND we were the only company in the residential construction category that was there. The other three winners were from commercial, environmental and maintenance categories. With this award, we win a $500 gift card to a local plant nursery, that Nan and Traci are going to use for purchasing their bedding plants this spring (hey, membership has it’s privileges, right?).

The next announcement was telling us what projects they were nominating for the National Landscape Awards that will be presented next February. Well, I’ll be gosh darned if they didn’t choose our project. So we will be travelling next year to see if our project (the best in Alberta this year) will be awarded the best in Canada. crazy.

This award puts us in some pretty heady company as most of the winners come from large firms with lots of staff and equipment. We are Dad and I, and 2 helpers, with a skid steer, a mini-excavator and a couple trucks.

Here is the project that won. LeeDavid, Cranston Project 101 LeeDavid, Cranston Project 102 LeeDavid, Cranston Project 103 LeeDavid, Cranston Project 104 LeeDavid, Cranston Project 105 LeeDavid, Cranston Project 112LeeDavid, Cranston Project 106 LeeDavid, Cranston Project 107 LeeDavid, Cranston Project 108 LeeDavid, Cranston Project 109 Leedavid, Cranston Project 110 LeeDavid, Cranston Project 111


Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

I can see how it won, as it took a plain jane back yard, and turned it into a show place! Nice work!

Freely Living Life said...

Beautiful work on the project and a huge congratulations on the awards! :)

ANT-zee said...

Thanks, we are quite suprised and proud!

K and D in the RV said...

WoW! I can see how you won. It is a beautiful, simple well done design that totally suits that backyard setting and slope. Well done - I hope the firm wins the 'Canada' award!