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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fathers Day, Saturday…

We are going out to Okotoks tomorrow to spend a week in the trailer, just because we like it! I will commute back to the house for work (about 15 minutes) and Traci and Andrew will party party party, all week long! For this reason we had our Fathers Day weenie roast today!    

Grampa is really excited about his Saskatchewan Roughriders Gnome. Because he really likes the Saskatchewan Roughriders, and Gnomes! IMG_4949 

The Picnic is in Full swing. We had Hotdogs, Potato Chips, Coleslaw, Baked beans, Cheesecake, Oreo Treat, and lots of non alcoholic bevies.IMG_4902

Grampa is crafting some amazing toasted Marshmallows. The cage was to keep Andrew from running into the firepit…IMG_4924 

Thank you Traci, for a wonderful Fathers Day Picnic…IMG_4918 

She says I am always the one taking pictures and never in the pictures… so here…CIMG6201

Afterwards, Andrew was wiped out… look how tired…IMG_4954

He did stay up long enough to give me my presents… I told him when he was born, All I ever need is socks for presents from him. This Fathers day I got TWO pair! woowoo I am LUCKY!!CIMG6209

Andrew LOVES to read the cards… Traci got me the coolest gift. She searched all over the place and finally came up with what is called a ‘bib keeper’. It is a scrapbook for all my race bibs. She is the first person in Canada that had one shipped from this guy in New York. It is very cool. I will put my first three bibs in it this week! Thanks sweetie!CIMG6217 

Here are some beauty shots of our yard. It has been 5 painstaking years to get it looking like this, But we LOVE it. It is so enjoyable to sit out and relax now… Traci is fully responsible for the look of it this year. Nice job!IMG_4930

Our first lilac bloom!IMG_4911

Traci’s fern had a baby, see!, at the bottom!IMG_4927

I am in charge of selecting the 4 hanging baskets each year. I think I outdid myself this year though, if i do say so myself… oh, I did.IMG_4922\IMG_4921


Leno said...

Beautiful yard, nice job. It really does look relaxing. Andrew is just too cute.
Happy Fathers Day. Have a nice outing.

Poppop said...

What a great supper with ANT-ZEE
Loved the company and the gifts
Love Poppop