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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The rest of the camp out…

After we finished up with the swearing in ceremony, we went back to our place for a meat and cheese tray I picked up yesterday, and just to top off the morning, the guy from the flower shop pulled up the same time as us with the Bouquet of flowers I got her. Red roses and white orchids. Good job Neil, good job. She loved it all. Gramma and Grampa left to go back to work and Traci and I relaxed for a bit and talked about the ceremony. We both decided it was very classy and quite emotional at times. We really enjoyed it and Traci is glad she did it. Traci and Andrew started missing the camper, so off they went, and I stayed behind to work…

We had a nice evening again, with another fire. Traci had made friends with the couple that had moved in next door during the day and we invited them over for a fire. Al and Diane were a really incredible couple, CIMG6292we chatted about all manner of things, not the least of which is Xavier their 2 year old grandson (the other cousins call him Mr. X hehe) and how those stories are almost identical to Andrews. At about 9:30 Diane said she was going in as it was a bit cold out, but it turns out she enjoyed herself enough that she stayed out until 11pm. over the next couple days we spent quite some time chatting and visiting with these nice people. We gave them some directions to their next destinations and helped Al start his fire one night, and then on Saturday night Al came over with a bottle of wine for us and said, `this is for you two, for Traci's citizenship, for your anniversary(12 years) and for just being nice people`. Thanks Al and Diane, you made our stay that much more enjoyable. OH, and the hickabees on the other side got evicted… it was a good day.

Also on Saturday, we had Gramma and Grampa, and Mary Jo, Greg and Sophie out for a nice `welcome to Canada`lunch for Traci. CIMG6286CIMG6290We had a ball. Burgers, Potato Salad, Cupcakes, and to top it off, the weather was amazing. We had our anniversary supper Saturday (It is actually on Sunday, but we are hauling back into town), we walked up to Safeway and bought some incredible steaks on sale and had quite the feast. The day was topped with another fire and a bunch more smores! What a life! We are sad to leave on Sunday, as we have enjoyed our stay immensely, and will surely be back soon! We will leave you with some nice pictures of our camping experience! CIMG6269 CIMG6277 CIMG6283 CIMG6267 CIMG6293 CIMG6297 CIMG6262 CIMG6268

CIMG6228 CIMG6235 CIMG6249

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