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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh Canada (not canada day yet tho..)

On Wednesday Traci and Andrew came into town because Traci was taking her Oath to become a Canadian Citizen early Thursday morning. Traci is originally from South-western Pennsylvania, but has lived up here for the past 12 years. She always said if we had a child she would get her Canadian Citizenship. Well… we had a child and she’s now a citizen. the Ceremony was really nice. There were 75 people being sworn in as Canadian, from 23 different countries. They all went up and received their paperwork from the judge and a Mountie in the full red serge uniform. Nice.

At the start of the ceremony, the presiding clerk asked that everyone shut off their phones and if a child acts up, could they please leave the room. Andrew had to leave for a while but there was a family that had 5 year old that was having an all out tantrum. The Judge actually stopped the ceremony and asked this person to take the kid out. I think the kid was actually being sworn in, so the dad didn’t think he wasn’t really supposed to leave. He left. There was also a cell phone that went off, boy di she get the ol`stinkeye from the clerk… hooweee…

Here was Traci a month ago, going in to write the test. (she looks nervous)IMG_4770And here is Traci going in for the swearing in ceremony! Yay, way to go! And look how much the plants have grown!!!IMG_5064

Traci is waiting for the time to go in. If you miss this appointment for any reason, you must start the application over again from the start. We were 45 minutes early… obviously.IMG_5072We are all so happy and can’t wait…IMG_5077While we waited, Andrew made sure we were all ready for the big event!IMG_5083Here is the judge and the Mountie! very fancy…IMG_5087Andrew and Gramma got to see most of the ceremony from over there… he was happier on the move today than when he was sitting…IMG_5103Traci is now a Canadian Citizen. We are proud to have her! IMG_5091

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Hembree said...

Congratulations, Traci!