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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Up to 8km…

Traci hasn’t been the most confident person, since she has signed up for a 10km race on July 5th. Her previous long run was 5km and a bit, so when she asked if I wanted to run with her today I said ‘ok’. What she didn’t hear me say was, “we are going to run 8km, and you don’t even know how much better it is going to make you feel about the 10km race”. We parked down in Fish Creek Park  near Sikome Lake and headed out. At the 5min mark, she asked if we were going to walk for a minute, I said ‘Nope, we will walk at the 10 minute mark’. And just kept running, and so did she. We rounded a corner and could see one of the foot bridges off in the distance, she asked if that’s where we were running to, I say ‘Nope, we are going to run 4km out and then turn around’. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see her giving me the ol’ stink eye again.

Well… she did GREAT! We ran 8km in about 50mins, and she did wonderful. She now says she thinks she can run the 10km race and that is what today's run was all about. Giving back her confidence. It worked! Great job Traci! Less than 1 month to race day and you are going to be terrific!

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