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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Really nice days…

Traci and Andrew really seem to like living out at the trailer.IMG_4991 IMG_4997 They play all day, at the playground, in the campsite, in the camper… sounds like a life to strive for. I have been dealing with the computer issues as noted in a previous post. On Monday I got back out to the camper around 5:15 and Traci had supper ready for the BBQ , I cooked the chicken and it was very tasty. Cooking outside makes everything taste better. I mentioned that the furnace was acting up, and it still was, but it so happened that there is an RV repairman living in the campground for the summer. Tony and his wife are fulltimers from Vancouver who work for 5 months up here, then move to Arizona and Mexico for the winter. I called the number on his truck and within a 1/2 hour he had us fixed. it cost us $20.00 for the service call and $260.00 for the new part (a circuit board was the culprit). And just like that, all worries about the furnace were washed away! yeehaw! Tony is a pretty cool guy as well. After reading all about other RV repair horror stories, I took an extra card because he is a terrific resource.

On Sunday night Andrew had a pretty uncomfortable sleep in the Pack and Play, so tonight we went over to Walmart and bought a bed rail and after a few modification, Voila! Andrew is ready for his first night in a big boy bed. (side note: I left my phone and wallet on the roof of the car when we left Walmart, so as we got out on the main street the wallet fell onto the road and just as we looked back it got run over by another car, it looked like a dead gopher on the road, complete with tire tracks. IMG_5003hehe, stupid me, it was ok tho, the phone stayed on the trunk) He went down about 9pm in our bed (we transfer him over when we are ready for bed) and we made a fire! It was quite nice. Our new neighbour had moved in, but he didn’t have a proper connector for his sewer hose and every time they went, well you know, Traci could smell it. Yuck. I went over the the office and complained to them, a well as the hick neighbours on the other side as they had a fire pit full of garbage that they were going to burn later. The attendant came a spoke to both of them. Our new neighbour told him that he wasn’t using the hose. Ok, why even connect it then? Oh well, we had a nice fire and went to bed. We moved Andrew into the dinette bed and he seemed really comfortable. IMG_5025

He woke up at about 2 am, we gave him a bottle in our bed then moved him back to his bed and he went back to sleep. The next morning at about 6 am he was at the end of the dinette looking at us seemingly saying, c’mon get up, the day has started! We got up got ready for the day and I went into town.IMG_5032

Apparently it was another great day for A and T, as there was more recreational activities and some good solid naps. We purchased some roof vent covers to help darken the trailer during the day, and it seemed to help greatly for his nap time. Traci made Tinfoil dinners and had them ready for the Q when I got there. Mmmmm, I always forget how tasty tinfoil dinners are until we have them… yum. We had a fire again. While Traci was getting Andrew settled for bed, I was outside chopping wood when the sewer hose neighbour came over to me with a couple pieces of wood. He just walked over without saying a word and dropped the wood, turned around and left. huh… a few seconds later he comes around again with some more wood and then stopped to chat. Turns out he is a really nice guy. He and his wife are from the Netherlands. Traci said they looked like they were in their mid fifties, and I thought the same thing. As we are chatting (he had very bad English) I asked him what he does for a living that allows him to travel. He says, ‘good god man, I’m 75 years old, I haven’t worked for 15 years’ wow, you look great mister. He has been all over Western Canada and Alaska the past few years. This trip he and his wife started in Calgary, rented a class C and drove down to Yellowstone park, and back up through Washington state and BC. This was his last night in the camper and was going in to Calgary for 2 nights in the Holiday Inn before flying back to Amsterdam. It was a fun conversation, with a lot of charades to figure out what each of us were saying.

Traci and I had some really tasty s’mores. IMG_5042You heat the marshmallow first, then you shove the chocolate into the marshmallow (it doesn’t matter what kind of chocolate, I like little peanut butter cups myself), and then squish it between the graham crackers and then re-heat it over the fire to finish the melting. ooohhhhhh mmmmmyyyyyyy…

IMG_5043All in all a couple of nice days… sure wish I didn’t have to work…

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