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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just an update…

We booked an entire week at the Okotoks Lions Campground. It is exactly 25km from our front door. Yep.

I will drive in each day and work while Traci and Andrew live it up. They will play and read and nap and just generally hang out. No housework, no phone calls, no doorbells, no nothing. I envy them. Traci and I will actually celebrate our 12th Anniversary the day we pack up and come home. So we will celebrate a day earlier, probably with a nice juicy steak. yum.

Traci took Andrew to Heritage Park yesterday, they had a hoot, Andrew fell asleep in the car on the way home, then had a FOUR HOUR nap! like wow, he was in a GOOD mood after that. Here is Andrew hamming it up for the camera.CIMG6068

And again, riding in the steam train. CIMG6081

Today, we took a ride out to the Campground in Okotoks, just to make sure it will work for Traci for the week, and we are happy with it. It is very well staffed and has very tight security at night. It is right next to the sheep river, so there may be an opportunity for some swimming. 11 years ago, when we lived in our first apartment in Calgary, we would drive out here and swim to cool off as we didn’t have A/C in our apt or even our car…

I have a couple of fun hobbies, one of them is driving a Nitro fuelled remote control truck. The full size truck I used to drive for our company was a new Chevy 3/4ton. I found a blank car body for the RC car that matched the real truck and had our signage company cut out some logos… here is the result… I think it turned out really cool…IMG_2292CIMG6094My neighbour's comment was, ‘have a little spare time on your hands?’ ... NO, I just like it. ya donk. sheesh… if you don’t have anything nice to say… 

Anyway, I say it used to be my truck because my new ride is finally here. This sexy little thing is a Nissan Cube. We named it rubi.CIMG6062a

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