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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Real Canada Day….

I ended up going for a run this morning. We are in a race on Sunday and neither of us has run in a couple weeks. When I got back we hurried up and got ready to go to the horse races out at Millarville. IMG_5136IMG_5133It is the 103rd annual race day and Farmers Market. Calgary Stampede is just around the corner and this is one of the warm up events! Check out all the cowboy hats!IMG_5127IMG_5130We were early and Andrew hadnt had a nap yet, so we only stayed to hear O Canada played and see the Musical Ride at the start of the event. IMG_5144We then drove down through Black Diamond and TurnerValley, finding our way past Longview to Chain Lake Provincial Park. They now have electrical sites and that makes it a desitnation for us now. I`m glad we drove down here, as the last time we saw it was about 10 years ago and it didnt have electrical.

Andrew never did get his nap, so we are about 1.5 hrs form home and have a very grumpy kid strapped to the back seat. this ended our site seeing and we beelined home. We all tried to get naps but Andrew was having none of it so we sort of sat around the rest of the day in limbo. We made Burgers and Brats for supper, watched So you think you can Dance and finally put Andrew down at 8:45. He sacked right out. So, that's it, happy Canada Day everyone! we`ll do it all again on Saturday for Independence day! Having Dual Citizens in the House definitely has its privileges!IMG_5123

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