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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Zzzzzzttttt ZZZttttttZttttt…

was the sound I heard when I flipped the breaker for the 12v converter in the trailer.

Traci came in the house to tell me that the lights were really dim in the trailer. I went out and checked it out, and found that the battery had been drained right down. I went outside and checked the power plug (we keep it plugged in when its at the house), yep it was connected, all the breakers were on. So I opened up the converter cover and lo and behold the converter breaker was tripped.

BANG! ZAP! ZZZTTTTTT! *sparks fly* *SMOKE*….

Man that was loud, and I think I peed myself a little.

We had a power surge out at the campground  in Lake McGregor. We didn’t notice it cause it just fried the converter and nothing else. We were then unknowingly on battery power for the lights and stuff, as the shore power was still working fine for the TV and microwave etc. Our neighbour trailer had issues, and a few others noticed some problems, but we couldn’t tell anything was wrong with us. It did affect us, as the water treatment plant had been knocked out so we didn’t have water. Sure, the first time we ever tow without any water in the tank, the city water is unavailable. Well, anyway,we had bottled and the water was back on line by morning, so no biggie.

So, I am going out to Okotoks for some alone camping (Traci and Andrew fly to Pittsburgh on Thursday), and I have Tony of RVMD lined up to swap out the converter right in the campground on Thursday evening. He says the new one has a breaker that protects the converter from any issues like this. Thank you Tony. If anyone has RV issues in Southern Alberta from April 15th until September 15th, Call Tony at 403-968-7863 and he will fix you up. Much cheaper than the dealerships. And he comes to you! He fixed our furnace the last time we were there.

My ears are still ringing from the bang… yeesh.

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