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Friday, July 24, 2009

2 years ago tonight…

… I was passed out here at home while Traci and Andrew spent their first night together at the Rockyview Hospital. Andrew came at 2:55 in the afternoon on Tuesday July 24th 2007. Traci endured 36 hours of oxytocin induced labor and then a c-section, but he was finally here. I wore my Birkenstocks and my feet were incredibly stinky and slimy. That is a lesson I will never forget. Don’t wear your Birkenstocks without socks if you have no idea how long it’s (whatever) is going to take, or you don’t have access to socks.

Brand new 1 minute old…9lb 11oz 16 minutes old, 9lbs, 11oz. The poor little guy had quite the conehead… I was soooo emberassed….. what a jerk I am. yeesh.

at peace A few hours old… as I was trying to figure out how to hold him, the nurse said “he is precious, not fragile…” Precious for sure… what an angel…

Here are some of my journal notes while we waited 10 long months for Andrew to arrive (Traci went 2 weeks overdue)…

- “Baby is cool, he winked at me in the ultrasound today. and was sucking his thumb.”

- It seems like forever till tomorrow, but 6 months ago feels like just yesterday . Funny how time flies when you are looking far into the future and forgetting about today. It is just a moment ago that Traci came running down the stairs to tell me she was pregnant, and falling on her ass of course. It is a million years to go until we get to meet young Andrew. But later, Today will feel like just a moment ago. I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of wishing for the future. I feel like if we wish too much for the future, we forget about today, then when the future becomes the present, we wish for another future.
I am all for wishing for today, and hopefully making the most out of today, cause really, that's all we have.
I Love Traci today. I will love her tomorrow, I did love her yesterday, but the only thing that matters is that I love her right now. I can do the things for Traci today that prove that I love her. That's all.

- Wow!!! What a rush!!!

The tech told us:
"It is DEFINITLY a boy"
"His brain is symmetrical"
"His Heart has all 4 chambers, is inside the rib cage and is beating normally"
"His stomach has fluid in it, so he can swallow properly"
"His bladder has fluid in it, so his kidneys are functioning properly"
"His stomach is below his heart, which is normal"
"His spine is normal"
"Hands, feet, fingers, and toes are are normal"
"The umbilical cord is present and contains all 3 tubes"
"You have a perfect baby, congratulations!"
She was moving the US around and she goes, "look, he's rubbing his face" HE WAS!! it was really cool! He was moving like crazy, she had a hard time keeping up to him.
(ed note: REALLY?) She took 5 very good pictures of him, and when she was taking them, you could see that his legs were bent like he was crouching, than all of a sudden he kicked! wow.
We go next Wednesday to get all the results at the doctors and we will know more details, like the heartrate, the exact due date etc...

- The maternity book says that for a father to feel more a part of the pregnancy he should give the baby a nickname…. "marty"

- Traci thinks it's going to be a boy. I don't care either way. I have plans in my head for either. I remember back in North Battleford, i was working in a machine shop and this big burly farmer came in to have a part fixed, he has his 5-ish year old daughter with him and she wouldn't leave his side, you could see that he was her hero. I thought that was pretty cool. That has stuck with me for 16 years. I also remember how much fun Hockey tournaments were and sharing all my big saves with my Dad after the game, cause it's ok to brag to your parents. "did you see that glove save?" yep, he did...
It's all good.

Our little boy is already 2 years old… Today was a pretty relaxing day. We needed it. All 3 of us have been going a million miles an hour for some time now. A down day was nice and I couldn’t think of a better day than his Birthday. Sunday is the party, small, but it will be lots of fun. Once again Mary Jo made the cake and it is AMAZING. I will have lots of pics on Sunday…

Happy Birthday Andrew! We love you!


Colleen said...

Absolutely lovely!!! Made Gramma cry 'Cause I remember every detail of the day Andrew arrived as well. It was as if time stood still as I captured the moment (when I first held him) in my heart.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Andrew!!! You and I may never meet, but your Mom and Dad have introduced you to lots of people. You are a joy to them, and through their blog, to me. My little guy, Rick, turned two one week before you...how cool is that? I hope that someday...two little boys...from different countries...will meet and be able to say...that they were loved more than all the stars in the sky...