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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Board of Directors…

…Meet again to discuss our Stampede BreakfastIMG_5226IMG_5223

We went out today to have a stampede Breakfast at the Alberta Treasury Branch, but it turned out to be the Breakfast for all of Mackenzietowne. I am baffled at how much time people are willing to spend waiting for 2 flapjacks and some sausage. The line-up was over an hour. AN HOUR! for some lousy pancakes. yeesh. We stopped at Tim Hortons instead. The line-up is only 10 minutes there… hehe.

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Hembree said...

I am so sad that you get to "stop by"
Tim Horton's and I have to drive SEVEN hours to get to the closest one...I'm down to the last few pots of my last can of Tim's...Write to those people and tell them to start a mail order thing...they won't ship it to me!!!