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Saturday, July 25, 2009


… it is impossible for Andrew to burn off all his energy with a full leg cast on. Therefore, sleeping kind of sucks right now. Apart from the fact that the cast has to be terribly uncomfortable (he loves full body stretches in the morning), he just isn’t that tired. When he is running around all day, it takes him 11 hours of sleep to recharge. Right now he starts to get restless in bed at about 5 am, and that’s going to bed at 9:30-10 now instead of 8:30.

The poor little bugger is trying so hard to do the things he was used to. He gets around pretty good, (think 3 legged dog) but he is probably about 20% of his mobility. He can climb up onto the sofa himself and get down off it, he can actually mount his Snoopy ride-em airplane and push himself around, but he can only go in a circle because the cast leg drags on the ground. You can certainly hear him coming now when he is in the kitchen, it sounds like *smack-Smack--- thump*, as his hands hit first, then he drags the cast leg with a thump behind him.

The one thing I am sure of is that he is pain free. The doc obviously did a great job of setting the cast, because he can lay on the ground with both legs in the air, He rode on my shoulders in the store yesterday, he uses the cast as a roadway for his car, a drum, and a pounding pad for his rubber hammer, AND he still pesters the donks incessantly .CIMG6398 He sits in any position without difficulty and does not mind sitting in the shopping cart, even though the top edge of the cast gets hooked on the seat a little bit.

I wonder if they make 2 foot tall crutches, I am sure he would learn to use them if it meant more mobility. 2 weeks is going to feel like a long time, as every day he is bottling up a bit more energy and a bit more frustration. There already are twice the tantrums and cries than we are used to. Oh well, they all pass and our little man is always looking up at us like “did I say that out loud?”


The one saving grace right now is, he knows what he wants and he knows how to ask for it (when not in tantrum mode). So it makes it easy on us in that regard… Oh well, I always preach perspective, and this one is pretty easy… he is still out little trouble maker and the cast will be off before we know it, really…CIMG6404

On a bit of a disappointing note, we cancelled our big camping trip for now (supposed to leave in a week), as it was for us to lay on the beach and do a lot of swimming and hiking. Well… all that is pretty impossible with a 2 year old in a cast I'm afraid… 

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